Prague 2014

DATEX Forum 2014

3rd DATEX II User Forum on the 19th and 20th May, 2014 

The DATEX II User Forum will be held in the National Library of Technology in Prague, Czech Republic.

How does DATEX II help you to deal with the consequences of the ITS Directive? What are the pros and cons of using DATEX II? How to make a national extension? How is parking information supported? If you pose yourself such questions or if you have the answers to such questions, you should definitely attend

On one hand, this 3rd DATEX II User Forum aims at educating the ‘new’ users -on a management level- about the ins and outs of DATEX II and support them in the use of DATEX II. On the other hand, it offers the experienced users the opportunity to exchange their experiences and best practices, to learn from each other and to enlarge their technical DATEX II-skills. Both target groups will be served at the User Forum with presentations, hands on sessions, open space discussions etc. Among the usual topics, a special focus for the technical sessions will this time be the extension for parking

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