The project organisation of DATEX II is structured in three layers:

The Change Management Board (CMB), led by an CMB Chair and an CMB Deputy, has the final responsibility for all decisions in the project. All Beneficiaries are members of the CMB, as well as the TB chair. The CMB Chair and CMB Deputy manage the day-to-day strategic and tactical activities and represent the project via external contacts. They also represent the project in their liason with the Commission. The CMB is advised by the TB on technical matters. All deliverables and other formal documents need approval of the CMB.

A Stakeholder Advisory Board (STAB) advises (asked or not) the SG. The STAB consists of any public or private organisation that wants to be linked to the project.

The members of the Technical Board (TB) are the Activity Leaders. The TB is open to others to participate in the (mainly technical) meetings. TB Chair and TB Deputy deal with the day-to-day activities and represent the project on technical matters. The TB reports to the CMB. The TB coordinates the Activities (where needed) and monitors progress and the quality of the deliverables.

Members of the Activity Teams, led by Activity Leaders, are the experts from the different Member States and other organisations that actively participate in the Activities. The Activity Leaders are responsible for the work and the deliverables in their Activity; for the reporting to the TB and for the coordination with other Activities (where needed) in the TMG or direct with the other Activities.

DATEX II also organises a bi-annual DATEX II User Forum, where the DATEX II community comes together to share knowledge and experiences. Here we inform our stakeholders on the DATEX II developments, on a strategic, tactical and technical level.

The governance of the DATEX II organization is controlled by the “Rules of Procedure of the DATEX II organization”, which can be found on the bottom of this page. These rules apply to all partners in the DATEX II organization. The DATEX II organisation is open to all stakeholders in the traffic and travel domain that want to participate in the development, maintenance and user support of DATEX II.